How do you shoot a children’s fashion collection on a remote island with little infrastructure in a remote part of a very large South American country? the answer of course, is with great difficulty. But at Waddler there’s nothing we like more than a challenge!

Our Spring Summer 2014 collection was shot on an island (we’re not giving away the name) off the coast of North East Brazil. It’s a special place we discovered and came to love. We convinced our incredibly talented photographer and set designer Alison and Alun to come and do the shoot. Truth be told there wasn’t that much convincing, people don’t tend to turn down offers to stay on balmy tropical islands!

Once they arrived we had to scout the locations and then round up our kids and a small group children from the village who had agreed to be the models. And then the real work began – building 4 sets and photographing twelve children over five days.

But it was more than worth it. The hard work put in by the crew, the children and the locals who helped out was phenomenal and we would like to thank everyone who helped us to make something truly beautiful.


Thank you so much to everyone who took part!



Michaela Bensrud is a photographer and owner of An incredibly talented photographer, she recently sent us the beautiful images below of her children in Waddler spring summer styles. Her images capture something of the wonder and innocence of childhood as well as the magic of Waddler. Thank you Michaela!


The world’s highest city, Nuestra Señora de La Paz straddles the peaks of the Andes where the Bolivian altiplano buckles up against the continents highest peaks. It’s where teams of skilled artisans knit our clothes and where our dream of Waddler was born. The year’s first snows have arrived, blanketing the buildings in a glistening gossamer cloak and muffling the sounds of the city as if nature has broken over it like a wave reclaiming what was once hers. La Paz in the snow, the city of Peace.


Spring is in the air, though depending on what part of the world you live in it may not feel that way. Perhaps you are inundated in water or driving on frozen roads, but in the lull between storms I think you you can feel that spring scent in the wind and those long dark nights are growing steadily shorter.

At Waddler we have always wanted to launch a Spring Summer collection, dress Waddler in a summer guise. So for 2014 we have. Our collection is made up of light weight and brightly coloured alpaca knits and a range a organic pima cotton with beautiful summer prints. Of course the collection had to be photographed in South America, a continent that in many parts lives in perpetual summer. And there is one country whose people celebrate the sun, the sand and the warm sea with a passion like no where else on earth. Our SS14 collection was shot in Brazil on a remote tropical island.

A huge thank you to the wonderful models who took part and all of the locals who helped out.

We hope you love summer Waddler as much you love Winter Waddler

Waddler SS14 will be launched on March 1st 2014.


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